Create your most valuable digital asset

Your bespoke business software platform is the foundation of your success. It drives everything. See the whole picture. Conquer new markets. Scale with confidence.

We provide a fully managed capability-building service for your business, helping you create high-ROI proprietary software platform assets while taking on minimum risk

Early-stage funded startups

You need help building the capabilities of your core tech platform / MVP offering or you need to quickly hire the right team of software and DevOps engineers.

Fast-growing scale-ups

Growth is an imperative for you and your software needs to urgently scale to support new markets, capabilities and regulatory requirements.

In-house greenfield projects

Your company is embarking on a new project or venture that requires highly bespoke software, data pipelines or analytics platforms to seize new opportunities.

The economics of building your own software

Every successful business today has bespoke innovative technology at its core. Now more than ever what sets market leaders apart from the long tail of competing, struggling businesses is the realisation that a bespoke software platform is the most critical business asset. When you commit to investing in building or enhancing the capabilities of your proprietary business software, you create an open future for your business in an uncontested market space. Only then are you free to pursue growth with confidence and at scale.

Thought leadership for business & technology

Buying software vs investing in your own software assets

Buying software for your business and paying for a zoo of on-line services is an overhead expense. You’re spending money, time and energy. Your goal is to to minimise that. On the other hand, when […]

How to scale your IT for unexpected hyper-growth

When customer demand overwhelms your capacity to deliver, or pressure from investors requires you to quickly conquer new markets, having a well-designed business software platform can make the difference between tremendous success or missed opportunities. […]


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