About A115

Bringing big tech to fast-growing small businesses

A115 was founded in 2006 to provide software security and IT consulting to global financial services firms including Visa, MasterCard, Bank of America (Merrill Lynch), Goldman Sachs and public sector organisations in developing countries.

Since 2011 we have focused on applying leading-edge industry insights and technology leadership to help fast-growing UK and international brands build innovative proprietary data platforms and highly tailored business software to stay ahead of the competition.

Today, we specialise in bespoke software engineering and technology R&D for future-proof business growth. Our clients come from every industry and all parts of the world. What they have in common is an urgent desire to lead in a fast-changing world.

Using the most advanced cloud platform and proven building blocks for shifting, transforming and analysing vast amounts of data, we build complex systems designed to evolve with your business and be your most valuable digital asset.