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The structure of your software determines your capacity to handle rapid growth

Learn how to design and develop a reliable, growth-enabling enterprise software platform in-house, so your business can scale at the speed of your ambition.

Case Study: The agile products and pricing engine driving all commerce at Sky and NowTV

As a mission-critical, core component of Sky’s infrastructure, powering multiple front-ends, content management systems and various routes to market, the multi-channel Products and Pricing engine handles thousands of sophisticated business rules to evaluate customer profiles and baskets. It helps Sky make the most appropriate offers to maximize long-term value for both the customer and the […]

Buying software vs investing in your own software assets

Buying software for your business and paying for a zoo of on-line services is an overhead expense. You’re spending money, time and energy. Your goal is to to minimise that. On the other hand, when you are investing in building your bespoke, unified business software platform – you are creating an asset. It’s a competitive […]

The foundation of a successful business software platforms is a good database

Your database system helps organise, unify and simplify key business data and processes. It is the foundation of all proprietary software assets. As a business owner or decision maker, you should know what makes a good database and how to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a database management system. The most commonly […]

How to scale your IT for unexpected hyper-growth

When customer demand overwhelms your capacity to deliver, or pressure from investors requires you to quickly conquer new markets, having a well-designed business software platform can make the difference between tremendous success or missed opportunities. Regardless of how well your software platform is currently performing, when a wave of new traffic arrives, either as a […]

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